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Warning to anyone browsing SpaceHey

There was someone I had seen that was trying to message someone on discord- Which initially was fine, I guess? But seeing their profile, they had their twitter linked and their media tab had their nudes and whatnot out to the public and I would initially shrug this off,
But the person that he was trying to contact was underaged.

PLEASE if you see this kind of activity happening to you or someone else, report them and block them because something like this is incredibly harmful to minors and these kinds of people shouldn't be browsing a site like this with so many minors at all. I don't know if this has happened before here, but I'm making a post about it to raise awareness.

Please, don't give away any information or anything sensitive in terms of something like affection or anything similar that's gratifying. Those people are trying to groom you and abuse you.

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get these losers OUTTA HERE!!!

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Not sure how the spacehey top post algorithm works but I'm gonna comment here in case it helps boost this post, please everybody stay safe.

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Thank you so much, please stay safe

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