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Silly Splatoon hcs

#1 Callie and Marie are actually sisters. I know it contradicts canon, but c'mon, they're the squid SISTERS, not calamari cousins.

#2 pearl and marina are in love (obviously)
#3 pearl and marina are agents 5 and 6, it just makes sense
#4 Marie is my wife
#5 agent 8 joins the new squidbeak Splatoon shortly after the events of octo expansion
#6 callie and Marie were named after calamari. Callie = cala, Marie = mari
(Edit: after replaying the final boss in splat2, I noticed that it's actually canonically implied)
#7 inklings LOVE tomatoes, it's like the number 1 veggie in inkopolis. There's absolutely no backing to this whatsoever I just like tomatoes and think it'd be fun
#8 marina is autistic. In the mayo vs ketchup splatfest, it's shown that she hates mayo because of the texture, which could imply she has sensory sensitivies, which is a very common autistic trait

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