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July's Already Over? Sheesh.

Gonna be real with you, this entire month had gone by like it was nothing. I genuinely don't even remember what the hell even happened this July in my life. Lots of video games and the beginning of me growing my tomatoes which I'll eventually upload!

I'm getting into blogging some more and making it into a hobby, I guess? Its nice to go on and type literally anything into this text field and feel like I'm not just blabbing about nothing. It feels... Meaningful..

Promise that I'll eventually get into playing more Fallout 4 and blogging about stuff I find that I find cool! However, I've just been playing tons of Team Fortress 2 all month and getting sick flareshots as Pyro. Never gets old!

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ngl I use my blog as replacement therapy

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LOLOL I should take pointers from ya in that case. I've seen ppl change their blog to look like their homepage and I'm so jelly. I might do that soon but I think I'm just gonna focus on making mine look awesome with pics

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DO ITTT customize the shit out of it

ngl just messed around with the CSS of a pre-made template and made it completely my own

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