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Trying to be more productive...

or so I say every 2-3 weeks before making a schedule and completely forgetting about it lol Idk if any of you are trying to be more productive or not, but one of the things that stood out when I was watching one of those "5 things successful people do" videos on youtube last month was when the guy asked people about their to-do list and they all laughed at him. Which was when he looked and saw that 41%(I believe in the video he said closer to 86%, but this is what I found when I just looked it up) of all items on to-do lists never get done. Instead of making to-do lists, they schedule the things they need to get done into their calendar.

Okay, so let's go back to probably around the same time I was watching this video when I was studying chronotypes. Chronotypes are the natural inclination of your body to sleep at a certain time. There are plenty of different quizzes to figure out yours. I personally looked at each of the individual chronotypes to give myself an idea of what I might be before taking a few quizzes to get a more definitive answer.
I happen to be a late-bear and sometimes a dolphin. What that means is that I'm a bit of a cross between a bear and a wolf chronotype(compared to an early-bear which is a cross between the bear and lion chronotypes). With occasional dolphin tendencies meaning that I often sleep light and/or have trouble staying asleep throughout the night. I have kids and haven't always felt safe in all sleep environments, so it makes sense that I would have dolphin tendencies.

Anyway, back on topic. I found a pre-made schedule for each of the main four chronotypes(image below), and made one of my own combining the bear and wolf chronotype schedules

I changed the times around a bit until I can get a more stable sleep schedule, but here's the one I made:

Wake up
Jot down thoughts
Plan day w/ tea9:15am

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I really appreciate the effort you put into all of this! I also really resonate with the wolf schedule! except I forget to eat and I get too overwhelmed to actually walk to my gym when I get out of work. I feel like I have a squirrel mind and get so distracted. Especially having a dog and a cat! I turn and my cats puked up a hairball or my dog has knocked stuff from my coffee table all of course at the worst possible time lol

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I'm actually the exact same way lol especially with the forgetting to eat. It's taken years worth of days where I couldn't even leave my bed because I forgot to feed myself and it made me sick to do anything else.
That's also saying that I have three children 2-5yo, and for the longest time still wouldn't eat even though I was making food for them.
It's actually gotten to the point where I've had to tell myself, "okay; we're hungry, and we no that if we don't get up and turn the oven on we're still going to be hungry and thinking about how hungry we are 30 minutes-1 hour from now when I could have already had food made and been eating."
And, yes; when I'm thinking it's often easier to refer to myself as either more than one person or outside of myself.
I couldn't imagine trying to keep anything on a table with animals around. Especially ones with easily excitable tails lol

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Oh wow, you have kiddos too! More power to you!! My niece will stay with me sometimes and she will say "so it's 1pm and we didn't have breakfast..." and then it clicks lol

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Yeah; I do that sometimes too lol, but I also make sure they have a bunch of different snacks where they can reach them in the kitchen. The little one always grabs a gogo squeeze for me to open first thing in the morning to remind me.

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