Rhea's Septum Piercing Healing Process/ Bad Infection

~(!!DISCLAIMER!! this was such a bad idea, please do this professionally)~

hey guys!! About a year ago I DIY pierced my septum on the sidewalk at night with my friends, and because of how unprofessional that was, i was very anxious of the healing process ;w; i was scared of infections and how it will heal, so i looked up the healing process of a septum piercing and couldn't find anything?? i know a shit ton of you on here are edgy little teens who wanna pierce themselves, so i'm writing this blog about my piercing and healing process in hopes that this will make some of you less anxious, consider getting it pierced, or just help yall :)) my friend got it’s piercing kit on amazon.

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  1. We found a lit spot, and set everything up there.
  2. we had a friend go get: rubbing alcohol, paper towels, gloves, and q-tips
  3. we soaked literally EVERYTHING in rubbing alcohol because im terrified of germs and infections :"))
  4. Find the sweet spot!! Its the fleshy thin part of skin under your nose cartilage.
  5. Make sure the skin is taut with a clamp and PIERCE SLOWLY!! Don’t jab it through, just slide it through the skin.

 We were both a bit shaky and the needle went in angled down :( we noticed after sliding the ring in, so we took it out and re-pierced it. it went in wrong again so we made a new plan to angle it up and hope that works, and it did!! it was a very scary experience but also fun haha~

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[the first few days]
-whenever I lightly or firmly touched the tip of my nose there was an annoying dull pain
-learn to be careful pulling shirts off! if they caught onto my piercing id scream in pain ;w;
-there was a little bit of a bump where the piercing hole was (this is usually normal with piercings, but not all of them)
-moving or flipping the piercing up and down hurt like a bitch :"))
-to clean i used rubbing alcohol, not saltwater like ur supposed to :( PLEASE use the saltwater mixture if you do this!!

[the first month]
-the area was still VERY tender and sensitive, moving it around hurt so much :(
-sneezing was scary cause i didn't wanna have to deal with boogers ewww
-if you blow your nose at this stage you have to be very careful, scrunch your nose, and wipe around it to make sure it's dry
-the bump got a little bigger, which is once again normal. it looked a little white, but it was just the skin, not pus
-started to get crusties :(

[the second month]
-the pain went down a lot, and while if it was smooshed it still hurt, i didn't have to worry as much :)
-blowing my nose got a little easier cause of less pain and it was healing a bit more, but it's still icky :/
-i was able to finally start taking it out to deep clean! by now you can change the ring but i didnt.
-bump stayed the same, and the crusties kept coming ew :(

[third month]
-same as the second month, pain is slowly going down still and its less itchy

[the fourth month]
-the bump is starting to go down! finally!!
-the pain is almost gone and is only slightly there when i bop my nose
-cleaning it is so much easier since im used to it
-the hole is more prominent, yay :)

[the 5th and 6th month]

-bump went up again

-it got infected

-so much blood and pus

-antibiotics, ointment, and saltwater rinse helped the infection go away

[the seventh month - now ]

-I bought a MEDICAL STEEL septum ring and put that in

-after caring for my piercing CORRECTLY and refraining from touching/ bothering it lots, it has finally healed

-the hole is fully closed with no bump around it at all

-comfy, hole is there and its clean and crisp

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Please don’t do what I did. up until month 6 I was still using rubbing alcohol to clean, and I got a horrible infection. The rubbing alcohol dried and damaged the skin, didn’t let it heal, and I touched it a lot so yeah it was horrible. I went to urgent care, got antibiotics, and let it all heal. Pierce correctly, only clean it with non iodized saltwater, soak it in warm water a few times a day, and don’t touch it!!! If you guys have any specific questions I will answer all comments :) thank you for reading and stay safe!!! <3

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