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* school vs my cat

* who needs to go to school if have kitten

* anyways i came home after like 8 hours of school and according to my mom my cat was pacing around the house and all that sad stuff. i feel horrible. i am a horrible cat father.

* i'm making an apology video as we speak because truly, i have made the most terrible, despicable mistake of my life.
* the only pro of going to school is seeing my friends. but even then, what is friends if kitten. now that's a mind-boggler.
* and even worse, i have to stay at my sisters house for the night. leaving my kitten alone again. what a horrible day this is. certified horrible cat father.
* this is all /j if it was hard telling

* anyways anyways, sans' song suggestion of the blog is casin by glue70. not really referring to the you reposted in the wrong neighborhood version, but yk. the original version. but hey both are pretty good so do as you please. goodnight.

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