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I just went on a little adventure to check out the top blog posts, and I gotta say. The spirit of MySpace is alive and well, and I had no idea.

There are a ton of people still posting blogs! Still telling you all about themselves and their days. Their latest hair color or the wild party they went to last night or the depressing bullshit that's been going on in their home lives. And I gotta say, I am ALL about it. You know why? Because one day, all of us will die.

I think about this a lot. Some day, all the people posting, connecting, reaching out...all of them, and you, and me...some day we'll all be dead. And what will we have left behind?

That's why I love this shit.

I love seeing people introduce themselves to nobody, everybody, the entire world. I love reading these blogs written by people I don't know and will never meet or even talk to.

When I do it, it's mostly for myself. For fun, or to work some shit out, or to document whatever and look back on it later. That's mostly because I have an obsession with remembering. But there's always been a part of me that was hoping to connect with people this way too. Why? Don't know. But hey.

I've got a million different accounts on a million different platforms, and I used to think there was something wrong with me. But recently I realized...there isn't. There isn't anything wrong with me. 

Chances are, one or more of these websites will crash and burn like MySpace did. They'll get updated past the point of recognition, they'll get gutted, they'll get bought out, they'll get deleted completely. I want these pieces of me to be on every platform available to me. I want to know that when I die, there will be something, somewhere, for the people that knew me.

I've had more friends die in the past decade than I ever would have expected. And all I have of them is memories and internet content. I don't want the few people who give a shit about me to be left with nothing when I'm gone. I want hours and days and weeks and months and years worth of content for them to pour through. And if I have to blast my shit all over every outlet on the internet to do it...well then god dammit I'm gonna.

I miss blogging. I miss doing surveys. So fuck it, I'm gonna live like it's 2005!

I'll see you all on the other side.

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i kinda feel you!

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Hey thanks! ^_^