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hiii guyz, everyone here lookz super cool and i wanna ask for music playlists to listen to, it can be any genre :’3!!! non-mainstream music is most preferred but i’ll take any!!1! thx ^_^ the link can be from any app BT dubs 💖

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☁︎ ︎nuno

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Got a mix for yuh, Cripplingg is a good dubstep artist

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report

[ cj sawyer ]

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Here's mine which consists of a *lot* of 90s alt shit ... and some newer stuff as well .. just stuff I enjoy lul :] https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0mtYxW6uCmR0MhvFYIVACU

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thx sm!!! i love gorillaz too 💖💖

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:O !!

by [ cj sawyer ]; ; Report

I lost my shit when Humanz and Song Machine came out.

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report

I lost my shit as well once uhh meanwhile came out .. just avid fan things lul

by [ cj sawyer ]; ; Report