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Many on this Web-Site are scared of me.

They're scared of a pure nerd like me.
They can't handle it.
They can't handle a true nerd.

But don't worry.
Their simpleton minds will never be able to make it in the hyperscience world
And floundering in a pathetic desperacy, they will think to themselves...
Feeble, and alone, drowned in the shallow waters of their intelligence... they will think to themselves...

If only I also wore glasses and had nerd teeth

Holly out.

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Actual Acorn

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yeah you make me pretty nervous

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Soon, you will be an "Actual Ribenacorn"

How does this make you feel

by Holly Neglett; ; Report

i don't even know what that means

by Actual Acorn; ; Report

Oh well

by Holly Neglett; ; Report