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Using tape to capture time + a demo of a song about horses

Recently, I got a 4-track cassette recorder. Well, not that recently, actually - I got it in late July 2021 with a couple blank tapes - I just hadn't gotten around to getting a power supply for it.

a tascam Porta07

What do I need a 4-track for? Well, that's a good question! I just like analog media and stuff, and I had a chance to get one that may or may not work for cheap - and hey, if it doesn't work, it probably shouldn't be impossible to fix, right? Plus, if it does work, I can record cool lo-fi acoustic demos in the same vein as, say, some of the early Marc With a C material that I'm super influenced by.

I'm also intending to pick up a drum machine some time in the near future. Dunno which yet, probably some crappy one that goes for cheap - I like the sounds of weird equipment like that. The Zoom MRT-3 comes to mind.

Here's a demo of a song that'll be on our first album. It's a song about a horse in the middle of the hallway. Why's it there? I dunno; neither does the protagonist, who gets progressively more distraught as the lyrics progress. Warning: swears a lot!

- J

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