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Fashion Icons

There are so many fashion icons, from shows, movie and etc..., but here some of my top fav fashion icons ever. Number 1-Donna, from Clueless the series, she had hands down one best fashion wardrobes on the show, she had funk, style, and class the whole package. Number 2. Obviously Bratz the series and the movies (not the live action movie) Jada, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha

(and Meygan the 5th member) as they said they were a passion for FASHIONNN, they have the most beautiful and craziest aesthetics Jada was the queen of fashion her style is mostly Punk-rock and Sasha has more of a hip-hop street fashion she can turn any ugly cameo pants and turn  it into a wicked outfit, Cloe can pull off any animal print and shimmering and sparkling fabric and clothes can rock sporty outfits, last but not less Yasmin, as the 'bohemian style' Yasmin can rock prints and neutral tones. Number 3. Raven from 'That so Raven, raven was the Trendsetter for the school she made her own clothes, she didn’t care what people think of her clothes raven is the queen of pointy stiletto boots heels. Number 4-The one and only London Tipton from suite life of Zack and Cody, she always wears the latest trends, London always has to wear sequins on everything, it could be her shoes, dress, bag anythinggggg. That’s all for today there are so many fashion icons in this world, but these are some off my fav, thanks for reading. comment down below ur fav fashion icon 


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