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K I S S band music group is a celebration of the destruction destroying of Earth, population, rolling for 49 years corrupting ears and listeners from God

YEs and if God was like the tweet of god Im sure they all would give you there space

There was a god and the godly family mormons say they're brothers the two sons...
but anyways K I S S is the Gene SImmons singing unholy SINGING unholy goes against the Catholic Trinity Mary would want you loving who you really should be loving.
At those times it was with a woman who's infedelity but it was mutal
you cant go 5 years 5 months with out it being mutal those years months were mutal the years was mutal with her. Simmons sings about being the devil famine, war, destruction despair,
false worship idolitry. I love the Dog mural it's art...

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Just have a Dog bark the sound of a barking sound scares off evil. Dont like
747 flying around back yards even if high up definantly must be dont like it though dont like f16s or jets making wooshing sounds.

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