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Failed Attempt at an ARG might turn into a visual novel

Iteration's promise
[Previously Marble.Hybrid]
Failed Due To: Lack of actors, tech, and tech issues. [Probably would have failed anyway but ~~~]

Skie: senor, draws on self, he/they, dyslexic, nonbeliever [1]
Jade: senor, constantly by skies side, he/him, nonbeliever, failed 'husk' [2]
Shay: sophomore, leader of a 'pack' of believers, actively searching for slender, They/Xe [3]
Skie is a senor in high-school who hangs around a group of 3 freshman, a sophomore, and another senor. The freshmen and sophomore are looking for the sights of Marble Hornets and EverymanHYBRID so they can "look for slenderman" believing it to be real. 

Skie goes with them purely to prove that the group is wrong. He mocks and teases at the idea of a slender man until he gets a fit of what he believes is tinnitus. One of the freshman start to get really sick. they decide to leave and as they do so the sophomore swears they see the tall man by the street. 

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