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bladee NYC popup- a record

hi this is voz cantido and welcome to mtv cribs
today (7/16/22 actually but shh) we'll be visiting some random street in nyc that has some hippy art place that has been flipped into a bladee popup store
we first start our journey in the subway upon which i came upon a fellow wearing a Sam Hyde shirt, which was bad
this was later made worse because i saw another person wearing a sam hyde shirt at the actual line and the two rejoiced, upon which i knew that the group standing behind me in line would approach the upper bound of possible human annoyingness
its ok though the group in front of me was just chillen
unrelated but i was offered $40 for someone to cut me in line and i didnt do it lol

anyways fit check i was wearing my hatsune miku t-shirt ($6, tj-maxx clearance, hell yeah) with the little sticker they gave you to confirm you were waiting on line and not cutting in line on top of her eye so it looked kinda sick
also was wearing a car seat headrest twin fantasy bucket hat which i got from a concert :P

so there were several people who were asking people in line what the line was for, i gave actual answers when asked, but some people in a group effort shouted that joe biden was there and it was kinda funny
the security for the event had the best fits ever. one dude was wearing a full suit and must have been 7 ft tall and had the d-9 hat on.

shitty pic but you can find better ones online cuz this guy was quite popular. he said "good idea" to the group in front of me when they started rolling up weed lol.
the other dude had a gold iced-out spongebob chain. need i say more?

there were also many people who tried interviewing people in line for tiktok. one such person asked if bladee or ecco2k would win in a fight, and what they would do if they saw bladee get robbed in front of them.
the first person we saw closest to the front of the line was building a lego minecraft mooshroom set.
6 hours later, we were in. one of the last groups.
i spent $80 for this hat and this tee (images from grailed)

fuck you bladee, i will now be waiting 0.3 milliseconds more than before to listen to your newest album when it releases. good night

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