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My last blog was 19 days ago

Hello peeps, it’s ya girl , your homie, ya sister from another mister .. Resha! and I have been .. *sings* *through the fire through the living through the wall just a chance..* well anyway.. I’m back out there taking chances living life and Doing my best to love God Back. *Inserts praise break*.. I am excited for the future but I’m excited for the present though I might be a little afraid I am achieving my goals afraid and moving forward and upward in Jesus Name! 
So yes How have y’all been since my last post ? 

Content ??? 
Well if now I’m definitely praying for y’all’s safety and peace of mind in y’all season and my own! 

Being bold and courageous is a commandment .. Did God  not command us to be ? 

And did ! 
God will show Is the way and we will be in the other side of life soon and very soon! 

Love y’all hunny bunnies ! Ta Ta for now ❤️

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