boring lmao

I feel like life isn't life anymore, and by that I mean it's just boring.

Nothing really satisfies me anymore, I'm always searching for something new however nothing pops up.
Am I meant to feel like this my whole life? if so then I might as well just build a rocket and fly to Pluto lmao.
I know it'll never happen but hey a person can only dream.
I've only started to blog of somewhat a life that I have but honestly I don't think anyone finds it interesting, oh wellllllll......

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Actual Acorn

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sounds like you're starting to develop a tolerance towards your body's natural dopamine. I would reccomend staying off the internet for a day or two. besides, it not like anything interesting is happening, right?

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I don’t really have dopamine lmao and I usually do stay off the internet even then shits boring

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