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Dreams ...

During the day we have our inner conflicts and issues that get stored in the inner chambers of the brain. After a while there is a build and there needs to be an escape valve to drain and clean the mind. That’s where dreams come into play.

The brain is like a computer. If we do not dream, do not open this escape valve and free our conflicts and issues from the brain, our mind would ultimately short circuit.

Dreams are mostly quite confusing because the message comes to us in symbols. Reality check is, we need to make an effort to understand the underlying message of our dreams so we can move on in life.

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Shreshth Mishra

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There is a book by psychologist Matthew Walker on dreams called ' Why We Sleep' in which an entire section is dedicated on dreams. That book provided me with a lot of perspective about dreams and sleep. Dreams aside that book dicusses a lot about effects of sleep on things we never thought could be affected by sleep.

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Yes, lots can be written about dreams because of its confusing aspect. I like to analyze my dreams. I figure this story being played in my head at night is trying to tell me something.

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I love dreams. I've had over 100 dreams where I get shot in the chest. I've also had about 10 dreams where the world ends by either collision of planets exploding or a huge God/Jesus coming down through the clouds, all very very epic.

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Epic dreaming ....

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