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Some Rivalry I had last school year (PT 1)//TW:mentions of violence and blood//

So this goes back all the way to last school year (6th). I was with an old friend of mine and we just walked into the gym (keep in mind that the gym holds all middle school grades for that period). When I walked into the gym, I was stopped by looking at this person sitting all the way at the top of the bleachers, and I told my homie "holy shit I want to be friends with them". We both walk all the way up towards the last bleacher row, and I started the conversation with a simple compliment, telling them their hair was "poggers". they replied akwardly with a thank you, and then we started chatting. 2 weeks pass, and I have been slapped in the face with news that this homie of mine and that person, who we'll call Alex, were DATING! I was like the child in this relationship, pretty dumb and loveable, and always chilling with them, but something wasnt right. Alex would try and be a huge jerk and pinch me till I bled, and literally PUNCH me right in the liver (and that shit hurt). they would basically try to ruin my confidence, or make me physically weak to fight her. One time, in the school's spirit week, I was at the outside track with Alex's friends, and themselves, and Alex would use my lanyard as a type of "leash", and pull me around with it. They would also force me to the ground and pinch me, or threaten me if I dont do what they say (also keep in mind that they were in 7th)...

Ima continue this tommorow <3

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