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TW: ED, toxic parenting?

so lately i havent been eating enough, and i guess my mom must have noticed because she she told me that if im not taking care of myself, i cant have my phone. i mean, i can live without my phone, its not my only way of accessing the internet, but mom, thats not how you fix someones mental health. taking away the things they bought withh their own money, and things they enjoy, will not help them. besides, i could just say ive eaten and youd believe me. i just need to make sure i shower and brush my teeth and stuff, but eating is something i can easily lie about. and even if i dont, theres ways i can eat without it effecting me.

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btw whenever i do trigger warnings with a ? it means im not sure if it is a real trigger or if it applies to what i have said. if the trigger was helpful please let me know

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trigger warning* not trigger

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