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New to spacehey !!!! Hello !!!!

O m gee!! This is my first time using a website like this so this is very exicting!1 Kinda reminds me of those like, 2000's movies yk? If that makes sense? I waited like two days to write out my first blog so this is me sitting down infront of screen for an hour as I figure this thing out and listen to my music (music fans please add me :,< ) !! This website is honestly so cool, I didn't get to explore these type of sites and apps until now so this is so exciting !! Anyways, I wanna try to make my own layout but idk how so I don't plan on trying lol. I rlly plan on making friends on here and being a more online no-lifer with other ppl like me heheheh... Feel free to talk to me and ask me questions and PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT MY INTERESTS AND STUFF!! I didn't add in all the stuff I like to feel free to ask me for any additional stuff!! Anyways, ITS SUNNY (from OMORI)'S BIRTHDAY !!! I rlly love his character a lot, it pretty well written and he has a good roll in the storyline from the game. Sunny in general is a pretty cool and stuff and has been through a lot...I lob Sunny and wanna give this poor kid a hug :<. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY!! now that I think about it, might as well draw him for his birthday... Anyways, that's it for my first blog, time to shrink into my chair and be on my computer for more time...

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