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ventin :,D

i absolutely hate everything about my body

theres so many things weong with it and not wven my familys helping at all
infact they do the opposite of help. they. tell me things like im fat /incredibly overweight and that i need to exorcise and that im eating unhealthy and i just want them to leave me alone for fucks sake

but my thighs are too long snd too big i can only comfortably fit in a size 14 wide cut cause i hate how curvy every fucking thing makes me look
me at any angle besides for the front looks like shit and i cant go clothes shopping anymore it makes me hate my whole body even more. 
anytime i get weighed it makes me feel horrible abt myself and i feel like i cant do shit for nothing

god i just wanna be happy about my image but its sunmer so i have to wear less and wearing less = people can see my body shape and thats the thing i want the least. id change anything about myself if it meant getting rid of my fucking fat

maybe my moms right

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