my dilemma with South Park

I like southpark and this is something ive grown to feel guilty about, as of late. Maybe its because its so frequently under problematic media in ppls dni blacklist, maybe its because the last season was shit and im forgetting why i ever liked it.  

The truth is i never really liked southpark for its humor, i find bathroom humor to be just hard to sit through but i can become so attached to characters that it doesn't matter how bad the plot is if that makes sense??  
But i got really absorbed into the fandom about two years ago and forgot they r not the majority of sp fans and its actually 30 year old men who dont give a hit about all these side characters and even IN the fandom ive seen so many many creators get called out for pedophilia and honestly most ppl seem so blatantly antiemetic?? And i just dont want to be associated with it BUT GOD i still love this characters(but not fucking randy jfc) and I dont want to feel guilty liking them DX my old southpark art blog is just a collection of goth/vamp aesthetic nowadays because im afraid to post sp art for some reason??? i hate this. 
also btw i feel like knowing Mike Makowski is my second highest kin explains alot about me if u ever wonder why im so annoying lmao.... oh god i did all this ranting and its not even coherent 

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My love for South Park has kinda lowered a lot this past year, I use to really love the show and it's characters, and kinda just realized that in it's mission to offend everyone, it really just facilitated like some really racist, homophobic, anti-semetic, and transphobic audience, like I know satire and, all but like bigots will still think the satire is funny because it agrees with them

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the goth kids are so near and dear to my heart I think even if I fucking hate this show in the future and they pull some irredeemable shit, I'm still gonna find comfort in that little group of non-conformists(+mike)

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