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2000s aesthetic

Spacehey got me thinking back to the 2000s... and the iconic beauty trends

super thin brows, glossy highlighter lips, bold eyeshadow, spraytans, platinum blondness, extra shine, glitter, cute hairclips, colorful sunglasses, bright colors, etc...

is this the epitome of 2000s makeup or what?

what trends are you glad are gone and which ones should make a comeback?

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I think it's better if this fashion doesn't come back.

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platform sandals!! and little plastic charms on clothes that u constantly have to sew back on because they get caught on things loool OMG AND hair glitter that is just chunks in ur hair like 4 hours later. god I love the 2000s.

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omg right?? you totally get it.. i luv my platform sandals and flip flops

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