MTX - rarities and album tracks

This is a playlist for the Mixtape Exchange group

The topic was "B-sides," but these days most music doesn't come from physical media, and when it does it isn't usually the type that has sides, so that topic was somewhat open to interpretation.  I went with the theme of artists' lesser known songs, so in order to be included, the song had to fit one of these criteria:

(1) a bonus track on a deluxe edition or rerelease of an album (in some cases, these songs were so rare that there was no official audio on YouTube, so I have unofficial videos here)
(2) an album track, not released as a single, by an artist that had at least one hit song at some point
(3) a song from a movie soundtrack that was not released as a single and had not previously been on a regular studio album by that artist
(4) a previously unreleased song released on a greatest hits compilation that was not released as a single
(5) a song that was cut from an album because of BS reasons from the record label of the artist who originally recorded it, so instead of releasing it on an album, this artist emailed it to a bunch of his fan sites and told them to post it so people could download it for free

I'm pretty sure there is only one song in history that fits into category 5, but that's such an unusual way of releasing a song that I had to include it here. :)

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