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I didn't really do anything today. I started journaling again, but I didn't know if I should do real journaling with prompts or just writing about my day instead of doing that here. I think I'll either keep blogging here or use a separate journal for talking about my day. Anyway! Last night I got bored, so I carved a stick to make it pointy. It took an hour because I was using a pocketknife instead of a carpenter's knife. Now I have some random pointy stick sitting in my room for no reason. My sister had some friends over today! It was one of their birthdays, so we bought them a cake lol. The guy I've been talking to hasn't talked to me all day and I'm worried if I did something wrong or not. I don't think I did. The most I did was not talk to him for two days with no good excuse, but he's done worse. He confuses me. 

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