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My beloved psp <3

 hey peeps, so i bought a camera, then tried to use my psp charger to charge the camera and then it got stuck... then i pulled it out, the camera was fine but the charger was fucked, so i ordered a new one. took an entire month to get her so now im just all over my psp at the moment, ive been playing obscure and mostly ps1 games. 

i cant believe that i use to buy games off the psn store for my psp, putting a CFW on it was the best decision i ever made, so many games online, so much time lol.

i really need to buy more vhs tapes, my vcrs been collecting dust with the same old tapes. 
either way, TTYL.

XOXO, remy.

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PSP is super underrated. It's too bad it wasn't valued as a portable PS1 in its time because that's arguably the best thing about it

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i couldnt agree more dude!!

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