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my brother's bday & summer break!!

hi besties! today was my younger brother's bday (he turned 14) and it got me thinking about the way he spent his money. he's a whole other level of gaming obsessed so he got like a controller for his nonexistent ps4 (hes stolen mine but thats a whole other can of worms) and this headset that cost £70 but i could never even think of buying stuff like this. anyway we went to this trampoline park thingy in england and i hurt my leg and sweat my weight in water all in the space of an hour but other than that it was very fun and i would recommend it!!

anyway my summer break is coming up (starting wednesday which is awkward!!) and i cant wait for 6 weeks off!! my grades in a few subjects have been slipping even tho im supposed to be a straight a student AND im going into yr11 in september which means ill be studying for my gcse tests ;') but im gonna take this last summer break of high school a day at a time and see what happens! it'll be fun!

you guys have fun out there!! <3

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I also went to a trampoline park for my 14th, my school ended today as well and it’s so strange, I keep forgetting it’s not a Friday, anyways, good luck on your GCSE’s next year!

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oh wow thats a crazy coincidence!! thx for the good wishes!

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