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Introduction And A Lengthy Rambling About Tarot Cards

Good tidings fellow internet goblins.

I am nichiperi, a hermit stranded in a town far removed from my more tangible loved ones, a mediocre artist who constantly strives for a sliver of adequacy, and one who has been in a constant battle with my slipping sanity since 2019. Hahaha very funny right? I only wish I were joking. 

My art and my craft are big sources of comfort for me and I've found they help me communicate my issues better, so I've really been leaning into them in recent years. My craft in particular, with my focus on divination and more recently, demonolatry, have recently really helped me get a grip on myself.

I think for a while there, I completely lost sight of who I was. We can all thank COVID for doing such a bang-up job of completely ruining my life. Give him a round of applause everyone. What a guy. It's only just been in recent months that I've genuinely felt confident in saying that I'm on a steady upward trajectory. But hey! Better late than never.

Recently, my obsession with tarot cards led me down a rabbit hole of trying to find a new deck to work with. I didn't really see anything that stuck out to me, but I was hit with a ton of inspiration and resolved to make my own. I've made a few oracle decks before, but a tarot deck has always seemed like a bit of a daunting task. I mean, that's nearly 80 individual images packed with symbolism that I'm responsible for. As an artist who still works a 'normal' job to pay the bills, that's more than a little terrifying. I'm trying not to put a due date on it so I don't stress myself out too much, but I'm still gonna try to get a little bit done whenever I can.

In any case, that's enough out of me for tonight! See ya around.

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