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stolen from miss united steaks

Have you ever had an experience with something supernatural?

i dont think so

What was the last good news you received?

that i would be seeing my meowbeans today

Do you use Snapchat?

no just spacehey 

Are you friends with anyone who is a motivational speaker or preacher?

not personally but my family is

Have you ever bought one of those clams/oysters with a pearl inside of them?


If you have a doormat, what does it look like?

no clue

What was the last lie you told?

i told shirly that i wasnt banging her dad

Do you currently have your lights out?

yes i am in bed

What was the last prescription medication you were prescribed? 

uuummm the special juice as i like to call it

How do you handle grief?

just start meowing 

Have you ever changed your cell phone number or have you kept the same one?

i changed it because a telemarketer bot started using my number 

How have you been recently?

i have been quite nice

Do you count how many steps you take a day?

so many

Do you know your country’s national anthem?


When did it last rain where you live?

two days ago

Do you own a gun, or would you ever own one?

no probably not 

What’s your favorite gemstone?

idk but i like obsidian from steven universe

Have you ever worked in a factory?


What’s the most interesting fact you’ve learned here recently?

that frank is a dumb trasphobe bitch

What’s your favorite thing about the current season?

i get to wear slutty outfits without getting cold

What do you currently have on your grocery list?

im pretty ok for groceries atm

Do you have anything fun coming up soon?

clubbing with meowbeans tonight 

What’s a bad habit that you would love to break?

perhaps cigs? tho im not in a rush to quit 

Overall, would you say your childhood or teen years were better?

teen even though i wanted to die the whole time

How many Harry’s do you know?


When did you last laugh so hard you cried?

in ottawa i think

Do you prefer silence or do you like noise?

i like music but sometimes silence or ambient sounds are better

What’s your go-to activity for when you’re bored?

music or gaming or leave my house

Do you ever sit up late to see the full moon at its peak?

not for that reason

What’s a song you always dance along to?

depends on the vibes 

What do your sunglasses look like? if you have them.

don’t have

Do you have any regrets about this past year?

nope i think none

What last made you smile?


Do you have anything you need a code to get into? 

my house i guess

Do you prefer passwords, face recognition, fingerprint, or patterns to unlock your phone?

the fbi be like. i do prefer pattern but i use finger since apple hates patterns and hates me and they sent me an email to go die and i sent one back saying ill fuck steve jobs ghost when i do

Have you ever or would you ever own a Venus fly trap?

i have a long time ago

Are you a plant person? How many do you have?

i like them but i have zero

What is something you wish were real?


Do you have to count on your fingers when doing math?


What’s the most fun amusement park ride you’ve ever been on?

i think clockwork at cwl

When were you last surprised?

i was surprised at the size of your dad’s dick last night

What’s an animal you feel is misunderstood?


Do you prefer long or short nails?


What color makes up most of your wardrobe?


Is there anything you are currently dreading?

figuring out how im gonna get home after the club if i sont go with shirly

Do you know your blood type?

thats a negative

What internet/phone provider do you use?


What last made you scream?

shirlys dads dick probably 

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