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Hot topic shirts are kinda trash?

So, a little bit of context, me and mom were out shopping a few weeks a ago at our local hot topic, i got a large band tee (it was slipknot) and a few weeks later I was out with my cousin and one of them pointed out that there was a large hole on the shoulder?? Huh???? When i was in the 5th grade i got a mcr band tee, medium. Btw I’m going into the eighth grade, and I’ve recently stared to notice the sewing on the underside of one of the sleeves starting to come apart. Mind you-this shirt has been through EVERYTHING it was practically my first band tee i ever got from hot topic. Have y’all’s shirts from hot topic have the same issue? 

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nah thats so tru they r so expenise for no reason the shirts r sh** quality i have a gorillas shirt that shrunk so bad the first time i washed it that i couldnt wear it after that

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thats the bad thing about hot topic stuff @@ its always better to size up because of that

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I have a gorillaz shirt and the logo is starting to come off

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