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Hii!! <<<3

hey hey hey! it's me Bunni again!! so today was very entertaining.
It started with me cosplaying Junko, Going to Dollar Tree for make up and going home. Fun right? yeah. but the inside details for this story is the reason I legit hate Cis men. This guy in Dollar tree looked like he was about to touch me while I was looking for white eyeliner. I turned around for him to me slightly behind me on my right side. he proceeded to move away after that. and it didn't end there. when my family was in the car getting ready to leave he proceeded to leave the store and stare at me  through the window to his car and waved. He also pulled out and stared at us while doing so and started barking when he drove away. MAAAD weird. 
Anyways there was also a car fire in the parking lot of our local walmart.
how amazing
Thats all really for today. not the best day but it'll get better. I mean I'm currently on call with my amazing boyfriend rn! <<<3
Bye! ILYYY <<3

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