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It's me Bunni, redoing my whole blogs because back then I was nothing but negative and dull, ew.
Now, hopefully I'll rarely have rant posts, and more happy sappy posts like this one. Trying to blog as much as I can for my senior year and make some cool cute friends on here! 
So to start lemme just start with my very "eventful" summer, Jk my summer is not going great but let me pull out my highlights <<3 
well to start, I'M LOSING WEIGHT! I'm so happy! That means my workouts aren't going going down hill.
Another is that I'm finally getting more gyaru outfits and makeup and I'm so happy. I've been trying to become gyaru for the longest, mostly exploring what gyaru I am. I'm still not sure. But once I find out I'll be so happy<<3
Other than that My summer was Bleh. But school IS.RIGHT.AROUND.THE.CORNER.
New school year. new me. well 80% more new. most of my peers knew me as this girl that cosplayed every other week an yeah, amazing. but I need to be more bold with it! plus, since I'm a senior and this is my last year in high school, I have to make it last. have fun, but. also work hard to get into the college I want to get into!
That's a plus as to why I'm also here typing on this little blog of mine! I want to be a author, so I may or may not share some of my writing on here for others to give me feedback on my writing!
Hopefully someone does. it'd be totally amazing<<3
I promis how I write on blogs and how I write books aren't the same completely, I'd rather die than write like how I type online. ewww <///3 
Anyyyyways im babbling now. how weird of me!
Thats all for this blog!!! Hope to post more soon cuties!!<<<<3
Love you!<<<3

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