So, hey, haha-- anyway, I have news, my dudes. Okay, so I started writing a book in 2019 about vampires, witches, and all that jazz, and I'm nearly almost done with it! But, regards to that, I have no idea where to publish it, and I know Wattpad exists but I want this book to become more than just a book you can find in the same place you read fanfics on, so if any of you have any websites I could post my book on, let me know!(I'd greatly appreciate it). Also, I started writing another book, from personal experience about my struggle with mental health, and how those who have struggled/struggling with it aren't alone. Even though I'm legit only 17, mental health effects anyone/everyone, regardless of their age. In this book, I am taking about serious situations I have dealt with, journal entry's I wrote going through hard times, notes, letters, all that jazz. When I'm finished with this project that I am very attached too, I'll eventually publish it as well, but until, I can't wait for you to read these! With that being said, thank you for reading this news I wanted to share with you :)

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