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Too trusting as a child

When I was a young warthog my friend and I were outside playing and a man in a van pulled up. Said he was the pastor at a nearby church and asked us if we'd like to go check it out. We were like "Sure!" and we got in this man's van like we'd known him all our lives. My mom came running out and he told her who he was and where he was taking us and phone numbers. She was ok with it since he provided an address and phone numbers. Next thing I know.....we pulled up to a church. The ONE time I was willing to let someone kidnap my dumb ass they take me to get in touch with Jesus and them. I'm not religious mainly because when I was 11 too many grown ass men expressed an attraction to me and it was at church when they said it. So....um...no religion for ME, however you are free to believe your beliefs and even speak to me about them as long as you don't try to recruit me. But yeah...I hopped into someone's van all.because he said he'd take me to his church. Which I attended until I turned 16 and some girl ratted me out for making out with my boyfriend on the couch. Plus, I was smokin too much weed to focus on being "a good Christian" anyway. 

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It was wrong on the man's part to invite ya'll to his church like that. The right thing he could of done is invited your mom to the church & provide her with the address for her to bring you. A grown man has no business picking up kids like that. Definitely don't be hard on yourself though. Glad you was safe & nothing happened to you. It is scary to think about as an adult. I do understand what you mean.

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It was the early 90s. Times were different but yeah he definitely should have gotten out of the van and knocked on our door to talk to my mom. I did go to that church for a few years though. I'm still friends with those people even though I moved. They are great people.

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