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HEY FURRIES! (get free art)

Edit: closed, thanks yall!     

I used to draw furries all the time, even having over a thousand followers on my lost furry amino account :,-) but i stopped because of getting harassed for being a furry. Now im out of the groove and need practice drawing them again TwT 
 Link ur fursonas ref sheet in the comments and i will doodle them! It will just be in my note book uncolored tho. If this post somehow blows up i might have to close this but fire away X3

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hannibal prince

hannibal prince's profile picture heres my boy hannibal! if u ever want, i'd be totally down to draw urs in return!

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I saw ur furry versions of the sp goth kids!! I love them sm

by Josh/HawtSauce; ; Report

oh wow, getting recognized is weird! thanks though! also waaah you drew him so fluffy and cute thank u so much!

by hannibal prince; ; Report


Hatch's profile picture I hope its easy to make out? He's an ocelot with sparklefox limbs lol

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oh my god i just realized what your username is, fucking NICE i love watchdogs

by Hatch; ; Report

I hope i got the details right XD

by Josh/HawtSauce; ; Report

oh my GOD hes so cute thank you so much oh my god!!

by Hatch; ; Report

Ur very welcome ^_^ glad u like it

by Josh/HawtSauce; ; Report