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[Bulletin Repost] - All right, let's do some damage. (OLD MYSPACE PICTURES FROM 13-15 YEARS AGO)

So, something weird to note. I was basically full grown at 5'11 since age 13. So I've largely looked the same but obviously i don't walk around like a sheepdog anymore. I'll repost these  when or if photos get implemented. But yeah, here goes.

This has to be the one of the most painful ones.


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Alex_trashpanda's profile picture

love the hair so much

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↜moth↝'s profile picture

The hair. The hair. The absolute units of hair. Ughhh, I miss these days.

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Libby (The Duchess)

Libby (The Duchess)'s profile picture

very in spirit w 2004 scene fashion

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★ 𝐩𝕣Ỗ千𝐄𝓢𝔰๏ℝ ᗪ𝓋𝐫𝕜 Ⓨ𝓋Ğ𝔳𝔪𝔦 💢✋

🎃★  𝐩𝕣Ỗ千𝐄𝓢𝔰๏ℝ ᗪ𝓋𝐫𝕜 Ⓨ𝓋Ğ𝔳𝔪𝔦...'s profile picture

hot af

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Bethy 's profile picture

Love the old pictures

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꒷꒦ ♡ ƒαℓιηє ♡ ꒷꒦

꒷꒦ ♡ ƒαℓιηє ♡ ꒷꒦'s profile picture

you would have been my middle school crush xp

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EMILIE!'s profile picture

Giving me Scotty vanity I like your hair vibes 👌

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Jinnicide's profile picture

YES. I love it! Omg, I'm going to have to do this too haha

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Kayla♡Khaos's profile picture

these are golden

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trish's profile picture

the shirtless one killed me, i love it.

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xXDirty🌸DianaXx's profile picture

i'm obsessed. perfection.

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