I'm trying to be creative, but my mental illness doesn't like that.

I need something to put into the world that people like, so that I don't die the way I've lived (lame).

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IDK have an alternative style if you dont have it already as im sure many people love to see others that are 'weirdos' like them bc i do
or start a hobby idk fishkeeping is fun and you can help organizations save species from extinction by keeping and breeding them in aquaria

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I'm all about things like conservation and saving species, so that's something I'd look into for sure! I already do have an alternative sense of style, lol. And I do have hobbies, i just can't find the energy to do them or enjoy them anymore. :/


aw :c

btw look up on goodeid working group for example

but there are many other similar thing going on with plants and other things

two fish species managed to return to their natural habitat so far thanks to our efforts!
most of the fishes people keep in these groups are extinct in the wild

or maybe rewild your garden if u have one and observe the fauna you attracted
this way you give back a little piece of land for the nature and do something for the planet

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