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I may see things differently well everyone see things in one way or another or they say something to think they are right and you are wrong doesnt matter really to be honest anyways its my own opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with me and thats okay to be honest i dont care i know who i am and how i am and who i am i just dont care what people think anymore to be honest and the reason why is that because i have had people either like me or not like me at all and thats okay because i am who i am not going to change for anyone i like who i am and the person i am, Im a awesome mother to a 6yr old who is my life i have some good friends that i trust i have good parents that are always going to be there for me know matter what they have always been there through the bad and and the none bad. We all make mistakes in life but we grow from it and become who we are in life and it makes us grow from there the growing never ends just keeps on going i have to say. I have always been that person that doesnt care what people think of me because they dont know me or they never gotten to know me at all for who i am and they just want to judge me for me its not right for someone to do that but thats how some people are though its part of life because they have nothing else to do so they judge someone real quick without knowing them at all and i yea it happens every day doesnt matter who you are or what you do or what color you are or you have a disability of some sort people are just going to judge and make fun of and its not right at all i can say this all day and most people would listen and others in and out of the ear because they dont want to listen at all, they just want to feel good about themselves and if i could say this to someone or at least show them this i bet i would a get a comment about it. Socity sucks at times i swear to many judgemental ego assholes in the world i have to say thats probably why most people have sticks up there butts most of the time they need to pull out and open but their damn eyes like i tell myself sometimes if you have nothing nice to say dont say it all yea sometimes you just have to open your mouth and say something or its not going to be heard........

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