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I hate smart technology !!!! I hate the new age !!!!

It provides so much comfort and ease into our lives and especially in communication, but oh my god do you guys ever think about how dependent we are now? My phone totally bugged out and now I can't use any apps that require access to certain features, like bluetooth, cameras, mics, etc. No snapchat, no music, no wireless devices. It was literally only then that I realized how much I need my phone in order to function. It's the worst feeling in the world, because what it means is that we must live and work how big companies want us to, you know?

Like, that theory that apple causes old phones to shut down when a new one comes out so people will buy it. Who's to say they can't actually do something like that? With the price of the phones getting higher every year, it's only a matter of time until you'd be buying a two thousand piece of tech every year.

I know I sound insane, and I definitely sound like a total hipster by saying all this. I just miss a time when technology was just a fun gimmick, it was useful, but not like this. Not when I literally need a smart phone in order to function at my job. 

Scary stuff, you know?

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Alveus Nosville

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and they keep getting worse
which is why 4chan nerds go for used business laptops
My personal pick even has a SIM card slot so if I did get annoyed enough I could absolutely use it as a phone

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