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spacehey is weird

not in a bad way ofc. its just like. spacehey doesnt seem real, yknow? it seems like the kind of thing to be in a video game. ive been watching markiplier play simulacra 2 so thats mainly the inspiration bhind this post but like. fr!! spacehey doesnt seem real. its like. yknow in sitcoms when they make up stuff. like mePhones or RikRok or something stupid like that? spacehey fits that vibe. "let me check my spacehey!!!" its just weird. "jabbr" "kimera" "spacehey" those all fit 2gethr. im not rlly making much sense rn bu its like almost 5am so 

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i think the thing that rlly made me make this post were my friends bulletins. all the recent ones r from michael cash and they look. fake? but not like he made them up. like if you stuck them in a videogame theywould look like they were made by the devs yknow. just a funky thought i had

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