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spending money is hard to resist!

okay so i need to buy my id soon because my dad neglected the idea for like 3 years, so i need to save money for the id. its like 40 or 50 bucks so ugh.

i really wanna buy a video now, its just an interesting part of portable media. i went to a thrift store today and bought some movies on vhs and dvd plus a Wi-Fi pc card for an older computer (i collect older computers so its needed lol) plus a three pack dvd (or what video now calls them: PVDs) set for a video now. so that's why i wanna buy one, for the fun of it all. 
now that its night time and I'm alone, i wish someone would just ask me to like sneak out to hang out or something. The summers gotten so boring, i miss sneaking out at night lol

XOXO, Remi

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