Celebrity conspiracies

My boyfriend believes in the theory that celebrities play multiple “characters” (other celebrities, youtubers, or athletes) for Masonic/satanic reasons and wants me to believe it to but it sounds too far fetched. He shows me videos of people that are claimed to look alike, but don’t in my opinion, playing other famous people to influence the youth. My issue is the videos are rooted in homophobia and transphobia and usually the “influence” is making people gay. Ironically my bf is trans but I think he’s so far gone he looks pass the iffy stuff. It’s stressing me out cause he’s losing his mind trying to convince me they’re playing other characters. Has anyone dealt with this before 

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Inspector Lee

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This reminds me of a website I have encountered several times over the years - going back 10 years or more - where some guy claims to have proof that many female celebs previously worked as prostitutes in their pasts. Where he did include photo "evidence" the resemblances were not very good. heh
The thing about belief systems like this is that they become like a sort of religion to those suffering from them - and it's pretty much impossible to logically argue someone out of that belief.
Good luck.

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