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Bloodstone Teh Cat

All of meh ocs r so cute and colorful... other then Spooks dark form... BUT THATS NOT 4 TEH NORMAL STORY SO IT DOESNT COUNT! So much color and cuteness... then deres bloodstone who iz just cute. hez a lonecat full of rage who somtimes wields butcher knifes. hez friens wif teh others as much az he wishes he waznt... but he still cares bout them. 

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omfgg i lovve this *grabs the cat and cubstomps it* /pos

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Oh meh gosh. Im obsessed with how great it looks!!!!!

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scourge the jeff the killer

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WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS HAIR IS ALL GLOWEY LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES SO COOL...

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also holy shit i love this blog layout

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THX OMG!!! Ur alwayz so nice in meh comments! am so hspy u enjoy meh stuffz.

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hehehehh ofc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2000s style art isnt nearly as common these dayz, gotta support wut i can find XD

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