dream diary #1

alright hi ^_^ i had this CRAZY DREAM last night like i usually do but here it is!! copy and pasted from a text i send my friend*_*

i was at this fair where i was running this stall and basically in the stall i drew photos of famous band members into animals and people would have to guess the animals. then after i had to go to this park to do it there and i got stuck in some random housing estate and broke into a small asian womans house and i think the woman was noodle from gorillaz. but she eventually followed me into this hall and in the hall there was a talent show that i was doing. and the hall was completely white. so we sat down and i had to go up first and i was acting out this thing and people were being rude and chrissy from stranger things was at the front telling me i was shit and then this guy put a load of boxes of crisps (potato chips ( in front jf me and threw them into the crowd and everyone was ignoring me so i sat back down and cried into the shoulder of the asian woman i was now friends with (noodle??? idk). but the rest of the acts came on and then i went home with noodle-i-think and my house had been demolished. like thr whole street was gone

so yeah pretty crazy ... but i love my dreams lolz

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