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alr DEF been away for so long now,,,, ;_;


i might be back, not zure tho!! but at leazt for today, m stickin around :3

anywayz..... life update? got myzelf a the ztanley parable hpfx...... but i think ive already ztarted to drop it T__T itz zuch a zhame bc i rlly loved tht game and it rlly helped w giving my life a bit of meaninf,,,, mayb ill try replayin the game to zee if it like,,, zparks zomething in me again,,,, im dezperate T____T tbf i did have a hyperfix in it when i waz younger and firzt zaw the game and it came back,,,, mayeb thiz iz an 'i alwayz come back!' zcenario ? <:D

but!! i played all dsaf gamez in 2 dayz! mayb thats th ztart of zomething hmmm? maybe dialtown too! i played a bit of the demo but im already talking to my friendz ab i9t :3

anywayz.... thatz it!!! nem out

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