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As you can see from my profile pic I have very long and healthy hair. I wanted to share the products and things I've done to grow my hair like this.

1. I use Viori shampoo and conditioner bars. These are designed based on the hair practices of the red yao tribe in China. They are known for their long and strong hair. These bars contain rice water which is good for building strength, combating hair loss, and speeding up growth. I struggled majorly with hair loss, breakage, frizz, and flat hair. My hair is very thin and fine. I've been using these products for over a year now and I lose very little hair now, my broken pieces have started growing out and my frizz has lessened, my hair also dries with so much volume. These don't have any sulfates or parabans so its safe to use on curly hair. My hair used to grow so slow and now its growing much faster and is healthier too. If you purchase these I recommend buying a pack of soap saver pads from amazon to set them on and prevent melting.

2. The more you wash your hair the more you strip it of its natural oils that it needs which causes it to produce more faster. You should really be washing your hair just once a week and you can train it to not become oily so quickly. If you wash your hair a lot try using dry shampoo or putting it up for a day or 2 when you start to see it get oily. I really like batiste dry shampoo personally. The more you do this you should notice your hair not getting oily as quickly. This is the ideal for your hair to keep it healthy.

3. I have an oily scalp but my mids and ends are super dry so I find an oil that is able to be used on dry hair you can't find one to use on damp hair too whatever you like and I use a bit and rub it between my hands then run it through just the mids and end of my hair with my fingers. I tend to focus a lot on the ends because for me they tend to frizz and get crazy so after using the oil its super noticeable that my hair looks more contained, less dry, and smoother. I only do this 1 time a week when my hair dries right after I shower.

4. I realized a lot of people like to blow dry their hair I usually let mine dry on its on and I wait to brush it until after it has dried because your hair is more fragile when wet. I also have naturally very straight hair so I rarely use any heat tools. Just make sure that if you are using any heat you use a heat protection product. Its really so important.

5. Stop using ceramic based brushes. They are known to pull the most at knots and don't do much to help your hair. Use a brush that is ceramic but also has natural boar bristles in it as well. They help to detangle without as much pulling. It also helps to distribute those good natural oils from your scalp all the way to your ends which keeps it hydrated and helps to protect it. I got mine for relatively cheap on amazon and can link it in the comments if requested.

6. I'm bad about taking vitamins but I do know that the hair skin and nail vitamins DO help all of the above. If you have the money and are really focused on health and growth in your hair I do recommend taking something like that.

If there are any questions you can comment or direct message me and I'm more than happy to help you out! I hope this benefits someone. I had unhealthy and unmanageable hair my whole life and I worked really hard and did a lot of research to help it. My hair is my world and I want nothing more than to help others with what I've learned! (^~^)

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Interesting blog entry, I will definitely take some of this advice! My hair gets dandruff very easily if I go more than two days without washing it, my scalp gets very itchy, etc. I do use Aveda dry shampoo, and I have been using coconut oil for a while.

I'll bookmark those shampoo and conditioner bars on Amazon.

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The shampoo and conditioner bars aren't on amazon. Here's the webside www.viori.com. I actually have never struggled with itchy scalp or dandruff but excessive washing can do that. I do know I've heard lots about coconut oil actually not having the kind of benifts that you would think so I'd look into that! I also watch this youtube hair stylist his name is Brad Mondo and I've learned so much from him as well he's really great.

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