Yield No More Episode 1 script finished

A bit of an update on my cartoon about dreams -- the (EP1) script has been finished ! Today I plan on working on the 3D environments required for it.

If you're wondering what YNM is, it's my cartoon about dreams. I'm an animator, wowie ! I've decided to redo episode 1, since so much has changed... So, I have two main projects at the moment. Moonlight Infection, and Yield No More. Now I'm waiting for the VA's to do their thing, since I'm no longer voicing any of the characters (for now).

I should also mention that YNM is very horror-oriented, so basically perfect for October.
And, this is a bit old by now, but here's an animation test for it... 
It's sort of an "adult animation" sorta deal. Except, instead of comedy, ala 90% of adult animation, it's horror. Hopefully I'll do better than most adult animation as well >~>

But I'm just one person. The only help I'm getting is for VA work, since I obviously can't voice male characters... The main character, though, named "Eve" ? I was actually voicing her at one point, but with this redone version, someone else will be voicing her. I don't know if she wants her name said in this blog post, though.


fly frend :)
(I actually painted him for the animation test)

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