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im sorry (important !!)

basically this is a warning !!

as it's on my profile, i'm brazilian so my english isn't the best. i just wanted to say that i don't know how to use neopronouns very well (if anyone can teach me i would be very grateful), so if i say your pronouns wrong it's because i really don't know how to use them right. 

that's it, hope you understand :]

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Thats ok!! Ur very sweet . Found this on google its a pronoun dressing room where u can put people pronouns into the boxes and get sentences w them in use. And there should be some already there so u can look at those
For me its all about substitution . So if someones pronouns are say ,, fang/fangs then im going to use those in place of a different pronoun set . So i just replace words

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THANK YOU!!! seriously, u have no idea how much this helped me, i hope i don't have any more doubts from now on.

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Im so glad it helped!! >:D

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