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Random vent 🖤🎧

I have a few friends that I love to the dearest and hold them close to my heart but not so much as my last friend group. I love my new friends but i miss my old friend group. We used to have so much fun and it’s sad seeing their story’s and see them hang out together. I especially miss 2 that I was only friends with for 2 years. I always thought we would be together forever but I was selfish. I admit I felt left out because I was the only one in a different class. They hangout together and talk together about everything without me and I felt sad. I started to separate my self from them but that just made me more sad and I knew it was the wrong decision but I’m a really shy person when it comes to talking about my feelings. 

Anyways I got nayeon’s new album. Got 2 of them. I also got Nct’s album which I made a mistake because I found out it only came with one phone card I was piss like SM do better especially with a group with that many boys.
I also go new headphones 🎧.  

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