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Top ten things right now

Normally I have a solid list of things I like, but recently I find it hard to enjoy things now. 

  1. Boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. My cats, Freddie and Paulie (Choska died late April and I havent gotten over it, nor will I ever. My first baby, the love of my life for 13 and a half years, I will always love you)
  3. Mint green
  4. Peach sweet tea from sonic ( Its almost addicting to me, ive had like, 8 in the past few days)
  5. I'm having a difficult time keeping my hair clean. Even when its just washed it feels greasy and heavy and I don't know what to do. I don't use anything on it, so it shouldn't feel this way. :(
  6. Minecraft server with boyfriends friend
  7. The word sweetheart
  8. This one tiktoker who does outfits that are very cute
  9. Hello kitty flip phone 
  10. Green chicken egg (I dont eat eggs but I like looking at green ones)

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